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    I will introduce you 5 small 'tricks' that you can use when your computer moves very hard. 1. Disinfect:  When a computer starts hard for no reason, the first thing you should do is install an antivirus or anti-malware and start a scan. Viruses and malicious programs steal from operating system resources and consume internet, in which case your system will go very hard and the Internet will not run properly. I recommend Microsoft Security Essentials, besides it I recommend you also use Malwarebytes. 2. Configure Startup:  If you wait a lot for the desktop icons to appear or the computer starts very hard, it means there is a long list of programs that automatically start with the windows. To change the list, go to: Start -> Run, type msconfig and click enter, a window will appear where you select the Startup tab and you can uncheck programs you do not want to start with windows.3. Clean the Desktop:   If your desktop is full of icons and files, you should do some cleaning. Delete what you do not use anymore, and move the files to partition D. A loaded desktop will eat from your computer resources and slow down your operating system. If you want to gain more memory, use a background color instead of a picture.4. Clean the Hard Disk:   With your daily work, your computer creates a lot of temporary files that take up a lot of memories on the hard drive. You will not believe it, but even a few GBs can accumulate in a single month. By deleting these files, you can recover your lost lost memory. To delete them, use the Disk Cleanup Tool in Windows: Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Disk Cleanup, or download Ccleaner from the Internet.5. Defragment the Hard Disk: Defragmenting is one of the best tricks to make your computer run faster. The hard disk is like an organized library, with all the files sorted and categorized. If after a while there is no order, everything will be harder to find. The same is true with windows. If you delete and create files, the system will put them where they are. And when you go to them, they'll be hurt if they do not have them ordered. For this reason, a defragmentation is one of the best ways to speed up the operating system's speed. 
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    Ar fi frumos sa se mai lucreze la tema de pe forum Ati adaugat rosul asta si este foarte naspa si multe alte lucruri care trebuie lucrate Deci în primul rand cu cat comunitatea are un aspect plãcut cu atat mai bine @anaconda